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Finding Tenants & Property Management

I am always available if you ever need someone to help manage or find a renter for your property. My husband and I own four rental properties of our own in Redondo Beach and have over 10 years experience in the management/rental business. As owner of Clearsight Realty in South Redondo Beach, I have many years experience in the real estate and rental market, currently managing 13 properties in the Redondo Beach area. See below for a list of my services and pricing and let me know if you have any questions:

Renting your Property
  1. Provide comparable rentals in the area to help arrive at a rental price.

  2. Hire and supervise professional cleaning crew to prepare your property for viewing.

  3. Take pictures of property inside and out for use with ads.

  4. Prepare and use a personal website specifically for your property in all advertising.

  5. Advertise property online and in local paper if applicable.

  6. Show property to, screen, and provide applications for potential renters.

  7. Run credit history and call employers and references for each applicant that qualifies.

  8. Collect deposits and monthly rent upon owner approval.

  9. Work with owner on finalizing lease agreement, and meet with renters for signing/delivery.

  10. Meet with renters for move in/move out inspection.

My standard commission is 6% on a 12 month lease, plus professional cleaning expenses (if applicable) and advertising related expenses. Advertising costs are very cheap because of the many free online services available today. I also provide long-term management services for your property if this is something you need. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested or just have general questions.

Thank you!

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