Wonderful experience

“Here is my testimonial and I sincerely mean every word of it.

I have had a wonderful experience working with Gina Ruiz from Clearsight Realty. She has been managing my property since March, 2010 when I relocated with my job out of state. She knows my neighborhood well and has a lot of experience in property management services. She was dedicated to finding the right tenant(s) for me and made an excellent choice. Gina went out of her way to take care of some last minute items that came up at my house after I had left the state for my new job. She is someone with integrity, and I trust her with taking care of my property. I would recommend her services to all my friends and family if the need arises."

-Barbara Hammond of Arizona

Very competent property manager

“I am living in New Zealand whilst owning a property in Redondo Beach. Gina, through Clearsight Realty has managed my property since my family returned to New Zealand 6 years ago.During this period we have enjoyed continuous occupancy with excellent renters. The management of the property has been ‘seamless’ from my position as an ‘absentee landlord’.Maintenance issues have been reported and rectified with minimum delay and without discomfort to the tenants.I would highly recommend Gina as a very competent property manager and realtor, who has given me ‘peace of mind’ over the past 6 years.I wish you every success in your letting experience with Clearsight.”

-Mike Allen of New Zealand

Handled everything cost effectively and promptly

“I have known Ms. Ruiz for 2 years. I feel she is an excellent candidate for your need of a property management for your property in Redondo Beach for many reasons. Ms Ruiz was referred to me by a trusted and very respected business person who also has used her services for many years. I do not live close by and she has assisted me in managing a property for me in the heart of Redondo Beach for two years. I live too far away to be addressing any of the responsibilities that rental properties require. Ms. Ruiz has handled everything from the beginning. The tenants know my name but have never met me and I requested it that way. She is the contact person and handles everything!! On the months where there are no concerns, you may feel that you don't need her services, however the first time you are on vacation or there is an emergency plumbing, electrical or other issue in the home and you cannot drop your life to be there, to meet with contractors and spend a day or two getting the problem resolved, you will know her worth is GOLD. I have experienced these issues with my tenants and Ms Ruiz has handled everything cost effectively, promptly and I still have happy tenants... I have not had the stress and she is always professional and timely in handling everything.

Ms Ruiz understands the Redondo Beach market and its rental demands. She is very efficient at her job in both finding a suitable tenant, handling the lease contracts, background checks, managing the tenants rent collection in a timely manner along with accurate accounting of all transactions. She handles any and all tenant questions, concerns or needs. She has a solid group of good contractors that she can use when necessary for getting Tennant problems fixed or addressed in a timely fashion. IE: plumbing issues, electrical or even construction issues... etc etc. Ms. Ruiz is also prompt at communicating anything I need to know... My experience has been a great one... There is NOT anything that has occurred in our professional relationship that would prevent me from recommending her to anyone. I will continue to use her excellent skills for many years... I hope this helps you in your decision.”

-Natalie Miller of Woodland Hills

Highly recommended

“Gina of Clearsight Realty is highly recommended by myself and my wife. She’s fun to work with, professional, she knows what she’s doing and best of all, she sold our house faster than I’d expected. If I ever buy or sell another house in the future, there’s no one else I would want to work with.”

– Michael & Maria of Torrance

Extremely pleased with the result!

“Regarding the sale of our home in the Hollywood Riviera, your advice was right and we are extremely pleased with the result! Thank you, Gina, for all of the help and support you have given us during this time. We will certainly use you again.”

– Michael & Lillian of Redondo

My home sold in 7 days!

“Well, I’m so surprised that my home sold in 7 days! Gina was professional and went above and beyond what was expected throughout the process. I’ve already recommended her to one of my friends.”

– Mike of Leyte in Torrance

Competent and knowledgeable

“My recent experience with Clearsight Realty was very smooth and successful in finding and buying a new home in the South Bay and selling my existing South Bay home. Gina was great to deal with while checking out potential new homes and marketing my home for sale via mailers, open houses and scheduling viewings of my property for potential buyers.I would recommend Clearsight Realty to anyone looking for quality representation in buying or selling a home in today’s real estate market. I felt comfortable and well informed throughout!”Gina would be my first choice for a real estate professional. When purchasing my home, she was attentive to all my concerns and needs when selecting a home. She successfully navigated me through the sometimes contentious bidding process and was with me throughout the closing. You could not go wrong partnering with such a competent and knowledgeable professional whose maingoal was the client's satisfaction in buying or selling their home, or just keeping the client informed of the current condition of the real estate market”

– Rich of Hermosa Beach

Gina is a top notch real estate agent

"Gina is a top notch real estate agent. In my experience I found that some agents are good at sales and marketing, while others are conscientious about papering the deal.Gina has the rare combination of excelling at both skills.She found a buyer for my house in Redondo Beach in just 3 weeks during a very tough buyer's market while closing a complicated deal efficiently and cheerfully.Gina was always available when I called and is a very hard worker.I would enthusiastically work with Gina on my next transaction. "

-David of Redondo Beach

Perfect balance of professionalism, and attention to detail

“I had the joy of working with Gina to sell my home in North Redondo. From the initial interview to close of escrow it was the perfect balance of professionalism, and attention to detail. She put together a website for my house with great picture layout that definitely brought in a ton of buyers. With the competition out there it was nice to know that I could have complete trust in her to explain the benefits or possible red flags of my offers. You will definitely be gaining a friend in the process and probably be recommending her to your friends.”

-Derek Llewelyn of N. Redondo Beach

Enthusiasm and dedication

“If you are looking for an amazing real estate broker to work with I highly recommend Gina Ruiz. She is extremely knowledgeable, listens to your needs, doesn't push anything other than what you ask for and is just a super-nice person in general. Gina leads by example and many people here find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.”

- Chrissy of Hermosa Beach

Savvy real estate professional

“A savvy real estate professional, Gina is thorough, patient, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She takes pride in everything she does and bends over backward to ensure she's doing the very best for her business partners and clients.”

- Heather of Manhattan Beach

Timely and efficient services

“Gina provides timely and efficient services. She meets customer needs and keeps them informed as well as seeks and uses customer feedback. She constantly exceeds customer expectations.”

- Dede of Redondo Beach

I was really impressed

“Gina provided me with a lot of insight as to what I need in preparation of selling my home. Things that you wouldn't think of on your own necessarily. She also provided me with a VERY detailed competetive market analysis (CMA). I was really impressed. She definitely knows her stuff.”

- John of Redondo Beach

Extreemly proffessional

“I recommend using Mrs Ruiz services for all your real estates transactions. Gina will go the extra mile to ensure that her clients are satisfied and are getting the best fair deal possible. Her representation is priceless. She is extreemly proffessional and constantly up to date on the latest real estate trends.”

- Gabriel of Huntington Beach

Trustworthy and very competent agent

“Having hired Gina as lead locator for a new project I was working on in the South Bay and ultimately as an agent for a property I purchased in Santa Monica, Gina's ability to "see through the smoke" gave me quick reliable, answers and a final result that benefitted me an my family greatly. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a trustworthy and very competent agent. Great job Gina!! Thanks for all the work.”

- Mark of Santa Monica

Good realtor

“Thank you for the nice basket and for selling my condo. If any of my friends in the Redondo area are looking for a good realtor, I will recommend you.” -Brian Chamberlain of Redondo Beach


“Gina is an organized individual who has the abilities to perform any task given and able to fulfill deadlines. She is definitely a team player and works well with others. If I had my own company, she would be on the top of my list!”

-Eddie Goicochea of Carson

Detail oriented

“Gina is an extremely detail oriented person that works hard to serve our client's needs. I will continue to work with her in the future.”

-Aaron Pago of Redondo Beach

I would recommend Gina

“Gina is a very detailed and a get it done Person. I would recommend Gina to my Friends and clients.” -Mark Catalanotti of Redondo Beach

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